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Employers / Community Partners

As a business, non-profit, or community organization in our network, we are happy to offer you free access to Riipen - the world’s leading virtual project-based learning platform. Companies use Riipen to more easily access educators and learner talent to work on a business challenge or look into growth opportunities through courses and internships.

Why use project-based learning?

Generate fresh ideas - Every business has projects sitting on the side of their desk. Work with our learners to bring life to new ideas! With their fresh eyes, strategic thinking, and innovative lens, learners can help your business to grow.

Access talent - Get to know our learners before you hire them. Complete short-term project-focused work that is faculty-supervised and let us show you what our learners can do. Identify top talent to join your organization.

To be added to our portal, contact us at To learn more about Riipen, visit