Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin Indigenous STEAM Land Camp

KM STEAM Summer Land Camp grads earn academic credits

Due to COVID-19, we’re working on a new Land Camp experience for you!

Want to connect your Indigenous roots to a future career in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics)?

Want to explore the earth, create new things, make new friends and dream about a future that honours your unique identity and place in the world?

Want to earn an interdisciplinary high school credit and Canadore College credit upon successful completion of the KM STEAM Summer Land Camp program?

We’re working on a new KM STEAM Summer Land Camp experience that will give you all of this and more! Stay tuned for our latest updates.  

KM Indigenous STEAM Accredited Summer Land Camp

  • Date and format: to be confirmed
  • Location: to be confirmed
  • Intended for Indigenous students ages 14-17
  • Accreditation: Interdisciplinary high school credit and Canadore College credit
  • Fee: Free for eligible registrants
  • Register by: to be confirmed for 2020

The camp is open to Indigenous students between ages 14-17 who enjoy fun, hands-on learning projects and activities built around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields. If you’d like to learn more about your Indigenous heritage and culture and discover how traditional teachings are connected to today’s environmental, scientific, technological and creative challenges, this is the camp for you.

Our instructors are all enthusiastic college/university students who have completed the KM STEAM Land Camp Instructor training program. With a wide range of backgrounds, skills, and experiences, they’re ready to mentor, engage and inspire! You’ll also connect with Knowledge Keepers and Elders who bring an Indigenous worldview to every activity.

If you successfully complete the KM STEAM Camp, you’ll earn one interdisciplinary high school credit and one Canadore College credit—this could be a chance to make up an academic credit or improve your marks. You’ll be given a clear outline of course content, projects and activities, expectations and evaluations. This could be the most fun you’ll ever have while learning on the land!

“KM STEAM Summer Land Camp celebrates the rich histories and modern technologies of Indigenous knowledges, ensuring that content is relatable and inspiring to the fastest-growing and youngest population in Canada.”


--Mary Wabano, Director, First Peoples’ Centre, Academic Leadership & Business Development Indigenous Studies, ESL, EAP, GAS, Liberal Studies, Academic Upgrading

“The land-based experience fulfills the soul as our ancient senses come to life; these ancient senses are part of our anatomy as we evolved over thousands of years. Making fire and cooking over a fire is an example of how our ancient senses can become “excited.” The wilderness setting is also fantastic for learning because it motivates us to experiment in the world around us; we have no choice but to ask how, why, when, who, and where. 

Imagine the stark realization when the student suddenly realizes where they fit in, not only within the natural world, but in the social environment too. Our camp is similar to our own village and everyone has a job to do, just as our ancestors lived. Historical clan structures suddenly make sense as we strive to offer our gifts and skills to each other.

Our social structure also becomes fulfilling as we lean on each other for support, we look forward to seeing each other’s smiles and hearing our combined voices and laughter. The outdoor camp is much more than a learning experience; it is a pathway to living a better life with a lasting value that will carry on and spread throughout the much bigger community. I like to think we certainly change lives and we create future leaders.”

--Norm Dokis Camp Knowledge Keeper and Camp Petawachuan Lodge Owner 

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For more information on the Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin (KM)
Indigenous STEAM Program, please call or email:

Tammy Dokis
Indigenous STEAM Coordinator,
First Peoples’ Centre, Canadore College
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For more information on Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin Indigenous STEAM business partnerships, please call or email:

Patty Chabbert
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