Safe Campuses

Security Contact Info

Education Centre Security
705.474.7600 ext. 5555, 705.498.7244 or 705.471.2488

Commerce Court Security
705.474.7600 ext. 5636 or 705.498.9375

Campus Safety Walk

Call 911 in the event of an emergency for Police, Fire and/or Ambulance

Campus Walk Program

Canadore College, in cooperation with Nipissing University, offers a Campus Safety Walk Service that runs from September to April  at the College Drive Campus and Commerce Court Campus

College Drive Campus
Red Tiles by Bookstore
Monday – Friday
6:00 pm – 10:45 pm

Outside of set hours call 705.498.7244

Commerce Court Campus
Outside Cafeteria
Monday – Friday
6:00 pm – 10:45 pm

Outside of set hours call 705.498.7244

Download the Canadore Safe App Today!

App Features Include:

  • Alert Status
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Friend Walk
  • Virtual Walkhome
  • Report a Tip
  • Campus Maps
  • Emergency Plans
  • Support Resources
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Consent Canadore ACT Logo

  • Park in a well-lit area and use a buddy system
  • Use the campus walk program
  • Park in a closer lot after 5:00 pm (if you have a valid parking permit excluding Lot 15, RTV and Courtyards)

Throughout the Education Centre there are many security cameras.  All the cameras are operating 24 hours/day (24/7).

Cameras are also located at all Residences, the Student Centre, parking lots, and in the Robert Surtees Athletic Centre.

College Drive Gymnasium
There are three (3) buttons in the Women’s Change room:

  • one (1) in the showers,
  • one (1) in the washroom, and
  • one (1) in the locker area.

There is one (1) button in the Men ’s Change room. 

Aviation Campus

  • One (1) cafeteria
  • Men's & Ladies bathroom, one (1) first floor, one (1) second floor
  • Two (2) in the hanger, west and east wall
  • Men's & Ladies change rooms on second floor (1)

  • Three (3) are located in Canadore’s Hewgill Hall on the first, second & third floors beside rooms D120, D231 & D340.
  • Two (2) are located at Commerce Court Campus on the first floor near E132, and one on the second floor near E228.
  • Three (3) are located across from the elevators in the Nipissing University “A” block on the first, second & third floors.
  • Four (4) are located across form the elevators in the Nipissing University “H” block on the basement, first, second & third floors.

The College trains employee in First Aid, CPR, and use of AED multiple times per year.  If there is a medical emergency please call security staff or utilize an onsite emergency phone:

  • TEC or aviation extension 5555, or via the primary cell 705-498-7244
  • Commerce Court extension 5636, 705-498-9375

The College also has a Health Care Centre which provides students and employees with convenient access to a wide array of medical services. 

The College maintains an Emergency Preparedness Plan as well as train Administration and Security Staff on emergency response procedures.  

The lock down procedures have been posted in each classroom as well as in public areas - These posters have been customized based on their location.