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Give your students the Indigenous STEAM they need to succeed

Your high school students who attend the KM STEAM Summer Land Camp

The KM Indigenous STEAM Program has partnered with Six Nations Polytechnic Steam Academy so that students who successfully complete the KM STEAM Summer Land Camp will be issued a STEAM high school credit from the Academy. Upcoming high school credits will be issued by our national partner Actua, stay tuned for these updates.  

As an educator or administrator

you know the importance of setting students up for success now and in the future. An Indigenous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) centred approach teaches students how to think critically and creatively using Indigenous ways of knowing and prepares them for future educational pursuits—and to work in high-tech, high-growth fields.

Kendaaswin Day is a great opportunity for local North Bay Indigenous students to discover what a future in STEAM at Canadore College is all about. This annual event lets students experience workshops and talks from current students, graduates, STEAM instructors, Knowledge Keepers and ambassadors.

Experience Kendaaswin Day

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We offer a variety of Indigenous STEAM school programs

Your students will experience a workshop introducing them to STEAM fundamentals using experiential and hands-on activities. We incorporate Indigenous knowledge and practices into everything we do and work with you to customize our workshops to meet your learning outcomes and curriculum.

KM mentorship helps teachers and administrators meet STEAM learning outcomes in classrooms, using an Indigenous lens. We work with you to bring Indigenous knowledge into your classroom. Our experiential and land-based training program is for educators who want to learn more about working with Indigenous youth and about culturally significant STEAM knowledges. We work with you to meet your goals and timing considerations.

Is your school interested in attending a KM STEAM event? Would you like to help your students explore future educational and career opportunities in STEAM fields? Have an idea for your own STEAM initiative or just want to find out more?

We would love to hear from you!

For more information on the Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin (KM) Indigenous STEAM Program, please call or email:

Tammy Dokis
Indigenous STEAM Coordinator,
First Peoples’ Centre, Canadore College

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