Canadore Volunteers

Welcome, the Canadore Volunteers program is an initiative that encourages the entire Canadore College Community, students, and employees, to engage in meaningful community service.

Volunteering can involve a variety of activities, taking place occasionally over the course of a year, or during a weekly commitment to a specific cause.

Volunteering benefits groups, persons or the community, and can be facilitated by organizations either as formal volunteering, or be direct help without the involvement of an organization or group, as informal volunteering.

Students are invited to create a Co-Curricular Record documenting their volunteer work, to add to their career portfolio and be recognized for their efforts at Convocation.

Participating Canadore Employees can complete the form below and they will also be recognized for their efforts at the annual employee awards ceremony.

CCR Benefits                                    

  • Supports credentials when applying for jobs, internships, scholarships, bursaries and awards
  • Provides employers with concrete evidence of motivation to take responsibility for learning and personal growth
  • Supports your application when pursuing further education
  • Demonstrates initiative to get involved and make a difference within the community

How do I get started?

Students getting started on your CCR is easy- Click here. Your first time login is your DOB YYYYMMDD.

Explore the database of opportunities to find activities that you have participated in.

Once your commitment to the activity is over, review the potential learning competencies and decide which ones you think you met.

Submit your CCR for review. The validator for that activity will look at the learning competencies you have selected and determine if they agree. If for some reason they don’t, they will connect with you to offer you the opportunity to prove why you feel they should.

Once your CCR has been approved, you are ready to print and use.

An activity on the CCR is an experience over and above those recognized through academics. We are able to recognize activities that have happened in the current academic year.

We recognize that students aren’t only learning when they’re in class and want to provide official recognition for these activities. Each activity must be able to be validated by a college representative and fall within the defined learning objectives.

Suggestions to add new activities can be made directly through the CCR portal.

Once the fully completed form has been submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be notified if the activity can be recognized on the CCR.

Logging In

Head over to the Career Centre Website

  1. Click "Student Login"
  2. Enter your student number and date of birth
  3. Enter all of your information in the blank fields
  4. Click "Submit Registration"

If you have already registered on the Job Portal start here after login.

  1. Click on "Co-Curricular Record"
  2. View "Opportunities"

Volunteer Fairs

Towards the end of November we invite community organization to attend the campus, promote and inform about their organization and recruit for Volunteers.

National Volunteer Week in Canada is the third week of April and we will have information about our Spring Volunteer Fair in early 2023.


Learning Objectives

See list from Council for the Advancement Of Standards in Higher Education

Volunteer Canada

View the Volunteer Canada website

Centre for Career Development Resources

View the CCD Resources

Need Volunteers?

Does your organization or event need volunteers?

Complete the request form and CCD Staff will follow up with you.

Request Volunteers Here!


Staff please complete this online form every time you participate in a volunteer opportunity. 

Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

The CAS, a consortium of professional associations in higher education, promotes the use of its professional standards for the development, assessment, and improvement of quality student learning, programs, and services.


Trina St. Jacques
Employer Relations Coordinator
705.474.7600 ext. 5143