Canadore Volunteers

The Canadore Volunteers program encourages all students to help the community by volunteering your time and skillsets in a variety of opportunities.

Domestic and International students can create a Co-Curricular Record; a document that lists their volunteer experience to support their educational and career journey.

Have questions about the Co-Curricular Record?


Trina St. Jacques
Employer Relations Coordinator
705.474.7600 ext. 5143

Why have a CCR? (Co-Curricular Record)

  1. Helps you in applying for jobs, awards and further education.
  2. Shows employers you can dedicate yourself and you value growth and learning.
  3. Shows the community you want to be involved and help make connections through hands-on experience.

What can be on a CCR?

We understand that not all learning takes place in school, if you have had a volunteer experience that has taught you something let us know about it by completing a form on the CCR Portal and a validator will say if it qualifies according to the guidelines of The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education and their learning outcomes.

To get started click this link RIGHT HERE (and click student).

  • Your first time you'll be using your Student ID Number as the user name.
    Date of Birth in YYYYMMDD (Year, Month, Day) as the password.
    (If you've already logged into the Job Portal use the same username and password that you have used before)

  • When you log in, select the Co-Curricular Record from the left hand menu.
    Then you can see the list of opportunities that we have and find one you're interested in or have already volunteered with.
    After the activity is over, review the possible learning outcomes and decide what ones you've achieved.
  • When you've submitted the form for review, a validator will look at the outcomes you selected and decide if they agree that you have achieved them. If they need more information they will reach out so you can provide additional details.
  • After the activity is approved you can print your CCR transcript to support your resume, education and career journey.

Volunteer Fairs

Towards the end of November different community services/businesses come to campus and promote/inform students of volunteer opportunities available.

We also have a Spring Volunteer Fair in April, details shared soon.

Need Volunteers?

If you need volunteers, please fill out this form and we'll reach out to discuss your request.


Employees are able to participate in the Canadore Volunteers Program and will be honoured at the Hello, Goodbye event.

Submit your volunteer experiences here