Credit Transfers

There are many options available to students who already have some post-secondary education. Whether you are looking to study at Canadore from another school, are looking at continuing your education at Canadore or are looking at pursuing further education elsewhere, we can help find the right path for you!

Whether you want to Transfer TO Canadore, Transfer WITHIN Canadore or prepare to Transfer FROM Canadore we've got you covered.

Please note that there is a Transfer Credit Fee (if applicable) - $25 per course or $50 for multiple courses.

What is PLAR?

Increasingly, individuals are looking to further their education, learn new skills, and train for new jobs. Those interested in assessment of their prior learning have frequently been away from formal education for years; yet in that time may have acquired a great deal of relevant knowledge through work, informal education, and personal experiences.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) assessment involves the identification, documentation, assessment, and recognition of learning acquired through methods such as work, training, independent study, volunteering, travel, military service, and other life experiences.

PLAR is different from transferring academic credit transfer (exemptions).

  • PLAR evaluates learning students have gained from life and work experience not recognized through credit transfer.
  • Credit transfer recognizes previously acquired courses completed at Canadore College approved institutions.

View the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Student Guide

The PLAR Self-Assessment

The PLAR Self-Assessment tool provides the student with an effective method with which to measure their prior learning against the course learning outcomes. The results of the self-assessment will help both the student and faculty to determine if pursuing PLAR is the right course of action.

View the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Self-Assessment Form


Canadore College agrees to grant recognition for first year business credit into the business diploma to McDonald's Second Assistant Managers who have completed the Management Development Program Level 2 (MDP) with the following additional requirements:

  1. Math:applicant to complete preadmission math assessment. If assessment is passed, requirement for introductory level math course would be fulfilled. If assessment is not passed, an introductory math course would be required
  2. Business Communication:applicant to complete preadmission writing assessment. If assessment is passed, requirement for introductory level writing course would be fulfilled. If assessment is not passed, an introductory writing course would be required
  3. Completion of onegeneral educationelective course (equivalent to 3 credits) to satisfy the first year general education requirement of the diploma. This could before or concurrent with other courses.


Step 1: Apply to Canadore College’s Business Diploma program, choosing the advanced standing application option on the Ontario Colleges Application Service ( Postsecondary transcripts should be sent through the Ontario Colleges application where possible.

Step 2: Send supporting documents to the Canadore College Admissions Office. Required documents include:

  • McDonald’s Canada Training Verification form (signed by McDonald’s Regional Training manager, training must be completed within three years of the application)
  • Any additional post-secondary transcripts you may have

Please note:

  • Official transcripts must be received directly from the institution. If hand-delivered, transcripts must still be sealed in the envelope provided by the institution.

Canadore College reserves the right to validate graduation from secondary school and original admission requirements.

Please contact the Pathways Officer if you have additional questions regarding the credit transfer process:

Micheline Demers – Pathways Officer
705.474.7600 ext. 5139