Northern Ontario’s Economic Recovery

Canadore College is Vital to Northern Ontario’s Economic Recovery

Canadore College is a publicly funded and vital hub of Northern Ontario, a region that is frequently left behind in Provincial policymaking. In North Bay, with a population just over 51,000 people, 8,600 are enrolled on a part- or full-time basis with Canadore College and Nipissing University, which reflects a significant source of economic activity and potential. But Canadore is often given policies that are meant as a one-size-fits-all for post-secondary institutions across the province, which means that our unique positioning as a hub of economic activity and source of economic recovery is not properly harnessed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of the workforce, and Canadore is a vital centre for training working-age residents, re-training existing workers for new opportunities, and attracting new businesses to the region. This paper shows the impact of the pandemic on the economy of North Bay and Northern Ontario, and how Canadore College can play a key role in this pivotal and ongoing COVID-19 economic recovery period. Recommended key strategies include:

  1. Adjusting regulations to encourage local enrollment, provide autonomy for Canadore to create new programs, and enable college leadership to focus on strategic investments.

  2. Increasing funding to include predictable, multi-year funding for Special Purpose Grants that ensure a more level playing field between Ontario’s smaller and larger colleges.

  3. Prioritizing innovation by designating The Village as Northern Ontario's Centre for Learning, Research, and Innovation, supporting the Canadore Gateway Centre for collaborative research, and providing funding for Canadore’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping.

  4. Supporting Northern excellence by increasing funding for the Local Poverty Education Fund to support Canadore in breaking the cycle of poverty by training, upskilling, and supporting low income and Indigenous students in their journey from postsecondary education to the workforce.

Canadore College is a leader in Northern innovation, student potential, and economic revitalization. Through policy changes and bold investment, Canadore College can be a gateway to sustainable growth for generations to come. Read the full report and see why.