Student Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy

At Canadore, we acknowledge that the post-secondary experience is an exciting, transformative and demanding time. Juggling academic, social, financial and personal demands while also being away from home are new experiences common to many students. The transition to post-secondary life is a major developmental milestone and it can include a range of emotional challenges that span beyond academic transitions. We understand that during this transition, the risk for experiencing a mental health issues may increase, and if a mental health condition already exists, symptoms may intensify. Moreover, we understand that social determinants of health may create additional pressure and risks.

Our Student Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy outlines a systemic approach to promoting mental health and well-being. It is the realization of the first phase of a comprehensive three-year roadmap to support programs, services and campus activities that will enable all members of our community to realize their potential in an environment that conducive to mental health and well-being while learning, working and living and ensuring social connectedness.

At this stage, our Strategy is essentially a foundation to continue offering the most effective initiatives currently in place while providing direction for the development of new ones within an integrated and coordinated approach with a sharper focus on ensuring a strong campus culture is in place for recognizing, responding, referring and supporting students who need our assistance.