Canadore 2026

Thank you for viewing Canadore College’s Strategic Plan, The Path to Canadore 2026.

The strategic plan is both directional and aspirational. And, as with all plans, it is fluid and evolving reflecting the dynamism of Canadore and the environment in which we operate. Guided by our Statement of Purpose and The 5 Pillars, our success is measured by our strategic results.

The strategic plan builds upon years of growth and success in providing world-class applied education, applied research, outreach and engagement benefiting North Bay, Parry Sound, the province of Ontario, our Nation, and people around the globe. Our path forward is positive. We can and will achieve more in the years ahead.

We will invest in our people to develop capacity, ensuring we successfully attain our collective objectives. We aspire to be the very best in all we do.

Since 1972 when we opened our doors as Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology we have continued to strive to be the college of choice for connecting people, education and employment through applied learning, entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. Programs and services will continue to be driven by market and student demand meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

Canadore’s differentiation is its ability to be nimble, focused, flexible, risk taking and, at times, unconventional, moving at the speed of its partners to create unique learning and research opportunities for students and staff. These attributes will continue to serve the College well in a time of intense competition, changing demographics, rapidly evolving technology, challenges of transitioning to a green economy, restrained government funding, and increased expectations from government, industry and the communities we serve.

Reflecting the diversity of the global community, Canadore welcomes international students from more than 45 countries and our international reach is growing. Students bring a global perspective to the classroom and the campus, enriching the experience for all. Increasingly, our students and staff are learning and teaching abroad, creating unique experiences that help define Canadore.

We must continue to build a campus environment that is vibrant, welcoming, respectful, diverse and safe for all and one that supports individuals in conducting their best work. Diversity of ideas is a prerequisite for tackling the great challenges we face, and an inclusive and equitable campus culture for teaching, learning and leading is necessary to ensure that diversity of ideas is embraced.

We remain committed to the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendations that are relevant to post-secondary education, the principles of freedom of expression, the standards of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and the execution of our Sustainable Development Goals.

We will invest in technology linked to academic programs, applied and commercial research, effective operations, comprehensive and seamless student advising, and wholistic support for students’ physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. We will dedicate lifelong career support to our alumni who are our natural ambassadors and a testament to the Canadore experience.

Our applied programs, research, scholarship and entrepreneurial endeavours contribute to the creation of a strong, vibrant and globally competitive workforce, generating new applications of knowledge and increased learning opportunities for students and staff. These learnings empower individuals to address complex problems and lay the groundwork for future generations to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

To continue to lead, we must aggressively pursue external resources and partnerships that give us the platforms necessary to develop solutions and create mutually beneficial opportunities. We will seek like-minded partners to expand our scope and our reach to support multidisciplinary approaches and forge new partnerships with the public and private sectors.

Our progress has been supported through careful institutional stewardship of resources, government funding, and entrepreneurial activities and by the generosity and support of community partners and alumni.

We thank all those who provided input to this strategic plan -- our students, staff, alumni, community members, business and industry, and our valued partners. Your ongoing support is needed as we make Great Things Happen Here.