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Oct 7, 2020


In my opinion, implementing small positive changes, can affect our overall quality of life.  I often refer to the Happier Podcast jokingly as ‘Subliminal CBT’:  Subliminal:  Affecting ones mind without being aware of it & CBT: behaviour and thought modifying.  The actions recommended in the Podcast usually require very little effort, and has a decent pay off in regards to changing the way I think.  Here are the lists of some of my favourites…


Episode #27:  The Bigger Life

Episode #33:  Send yourself to ‘Boot Camp’

Episode #43:  You Can’t Make Me, and Neither Can I

Episode #48:  Got the Sunday Blues?

Episode #59:  Do You Have a Lucky Charm?

Episode #65:  Arianna Huffington Says Go To Bed

Episode #67:  Design Your Summer

Episode #69:  An Interview with Musician Moby

Episode #75:  Become a Minor Expert


These can be found through Spotify, Apple Podcasts or you can visit Gretchen’s website:

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