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ACE October Newsletter: New Funding Opportunities: Focusing on the College Applied Research Strength and Mandate

Oct 26, 2021 | Academic Centre of Excellence

Recently the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) announced the new Applied Research Technology Partnership Grants (ARTP). These grants were earmarked with an announcement from the federal government of an injection of an additional $46 million into the College and Community Innovation Fund Program.   NSERC created the ARTP grants to align with the federal government’s priority of helping local Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with leveraging resources to encourage stimulation of local economy. With this injection of funding, the mandate and strength of the college sector is instantly highlighted. It shows just how important of a role the colleges play within our communities and within the Canadian economy. 

The ARTP were provided in two options: Option 1 grants, which were sole institution applications and whose goal was to address a local need of an SME. Option 1 grants were a maximum of $450,000 per year for up to two years. Applicants were required to speak to the ability and expertise of the college in addressing the needs of the SME. The ARTP initiative also allowed for an Option 2 grant, whose purpose was to address a sector-wide challenge through a partnership involving three or more colleges. Option 2 grants were valued at no more than $1 million each year for a maximum of two years. Within the proposal, applicants were expected to highlight their ability to manage a larger institutional partnership-based grant and describe the ways in which the colleges both differ and complement one another with respect to their expertise. These grants were due by September 23, 2021, but another round of calls is aimed for December of 2021. Those who are unsuccessful in the first round may re-apply in the second round. The importance of these grants for local SMEs is unprecedented, given our movement into a post-pandemic recovery for both industry and SMEs. See here for more information: 

MITACS is another funding agency that was recently injected with federal funds to produce more experiential learning opportunities for students at varying levels of their studies. Specifically, MITACS has earmarked the Accelerate Fund for colleges. The aim of this fund is to support students in a paid internship position that is designated for an applied research opportunity with a funding partner. The partner organization can be a for-profit industry or business member or a not-for-profit partner from the community who is willing to fund at least $7,500 or 50% of the internship costs. The remaining $7,500 or 50% will be from MITACS. Approximately $10,000 of these funds will go towards the paid internship position, while the remaining $5,000 will go towards the college itself to help with supervision costs, and so on. To be eligible, the project must have a faculty or staff partner from the college, a community or business partner, and a student identified for the position. For more information see here:

Canadore College has submitted for two projects under the ARTP and is actively working with MITACS on opportunities that would see our students gain experiential learning within applied research settings. Should you have any ideas that fit within these parameters, please reach out to the Research Office at

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