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ACE September Newsletter: Not an Act, but a Habit: ACE Initiating AEQM Framework Quality Management Cycle

Aug 23, 2021 | Academic Centre of Excellence

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As another academic year approaches, providing a quality post-secondary experience to new and returning students is at the forefront of our minds and present in our daily efforts. To support this, effective Fall 2021, the Academic Centre of Excellence is initiating the first phase of the Quality Management (QM) Cycle from the Academic Effectiveness and Quality Management Framework. The Planning phase involves identifying all quality controls and assurances that are currently in place to determine whether there are any gaps or needs, with the goal of developing an action plan that will act as a detailed road map for the remaining 3 phases (Data Collection, Analysis and Evaluation, and Identify and Implement Corrective Action) of the Cycle. The focus is continuous improvement, informed decision making, and striving for excellence in ensuring consistency in academic delivery of the highest standard. Once in place, the Cycle will run on a three-year closed loop.

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