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Adventures in Woodworking - Part 1

Jan 12, 2017

 Variety of tools

Those who know me know that I’m not exactly what you would call ‘handy’. Although I do have experience working in construction, it has been solely in an office/management capacity. Consequently, my use of tools has been relatively minimal. I mostly attribute this to the simple lack of opportunity.

I’d been considering expanding my knowledge of the trades, preferably with firsthand experience, when I was presented with the opportunity to participate in a carpentry/cabinetmaking class at Canadore College. As the class had no prerequisite requirements, and was open to beginners, I jumped on it.


Since announcing my enrollment in the class, I have been met with an overwhelming amount of support, well wishes, and advice. I’ve also been asked numerous times why I decided to participate in this course. Here is what I am hoping to achieve:

  • To learn how to properly and safely use tools to build something with my own hands
  • To document the entire process in the hopes that someone else will be inspired to consider the trades
  • To challenge myself to learn a new skill outside of my experience and comfort zone

Class starts this evening: wish me luck and stay tuned for further Adventures in Woodworking!

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