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Adventures in Woodworking: That’s a Wrap!

May 5, 2017 | Samantha Dyck, Operations Manager, Hard Hat Hunter

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Carpentry class at Canadore College has finished up. I cannot believe how quickly the past fifteen weeks have gone by. I think back to before my first class and am proud to see how much I have grown in terms of skillset and confidence.

Prior to my first class, I had hardly ever used a hammer- let alone any power tools! Now, I am able to use chop saws, jig saws, and jointer planers with ease.

It’s pretty amazing to look at my wooden creations and think that I built that.

Looking Back

Now that class is done, let’s see what I have learned:

  • How to safely operate power tools like the chop saw

Chop Saw

Wooden Gate

Sharpening a chisel



Coffee table

Drilling wood

Jig saw

Looking Forward

Thanks, in large part, to this course and its wonderful instructor, Adam, I feel like I accomplished a lot in under 50 hours of class time.

Not only did I get to make some pretty fantastic projects, but I greatly improved on my skillset, all of which is applicable outside of classroom.

Although I am sad this class is over, I’m anxious for what the next semester brings. Getting my toes wet in the skilled trades only made me eager to learn more. What should I do next? More carpentry? Another trade? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Waiting for a Sign?

To wrap up this Adventures in Woodworking segment, I want to say this: if you’re waiting on a sign to take a chance and learn something new, especially if that something new is a trade, THIS IS IT.

Yes, leaving your comfort zone can be… well, uncomfortable,but the rewards far outweigh this challenges. Even if you know next to nothing, all it takes is hard work, dedication and persistence.

Take a leap of faith. Take a chance. I challenge you to explore the trades. Not only are they extremely worthwhile, but they’re also a lot of fun.


Since graduating from Lakehead University in 2011, Samantha gravitated towards the construction industry. With a quick wit and a knack for terrible jokes, her time management skills enable her to find the time to contribute to Hard Hat Hunter’s growing community.

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