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Canadore Aboriginal Student Association Supports a Strong Indigenous Community

Sep 11, 2017 | Canadore College

On behalf of everyone involved with CASA, we are here for Indigenous students – to welcome you, to have fun and to support your learning in every way.

I was born in North Bay, Ont. and my background is Mattawa-North Bay Algonquin. But I grew up in sub-par conditions, bouncing around in care and struggling to find my culture. From this negative came a  tremendous drive to see how I could help others in similar situations. I have just graduated from the Community and Justice Services program.

When I started at Canadore two years ago, I knew right away that it would be a supportive and nurturing place for me because I could see our People’s art and faces and words everywhere – on the walls, at events, in the programs, in my classes. Our presence was already established and it gave me a level of comfort that I don’t believe other schools have reached yet.

As I began looking for opportunities, I came across the First Peoples’ Centre and CASA. Because of my history, I was nervous about making mistakes and not knowing enough. My cultural roots come from only my mother, and I wasn’t sure if I would be ‘allowed’ to participate.

Turns out the rules were in my head and I got to learn that it is what is in my heart that matters. In no time at all, I was meeting with Elders, making new friends with people from my culture and organizing a pow-wow.

But there is another reason to come to Canadore College: Indigenous People are needed here. We need to make Indigenous success in education a norm here and everywhere. We’ve got to break the cycle for our generation moving forward. No matter how scary it is. Not just for ourselves, but for our land, and for our people. Everyone needs us to take our place back and give the world what we have to offer.

We need you at Canadore and we will be here for you when you arrive.


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