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Canadore College and The Lindsay Weld Centre for Children Unveil New Childcare Spaces in North Bay

Jun 26, 2024 | Josh Willard, Manager, Marketing and Recruitment

The Lindsay Weld Centre for Children

Canadore College and The Lindsay Weld Centre for Children are collaborating to create 187 new licensed childcare spaces in the City of North Bay. This new center will be located at the former E.T. Carmichael School on Chapais Street, transforming it into a vibrant community hub. The facility will offer a wide range of activities and services, including childcare for children aged 0 to 12, educational programs, and innovative intergenerational initiatives.

In March, Canadore College acquired the E.T. Carmichael School to expand The Village Collective Impact Project into a model community hub. Since 2019, The Village has united people of all ages through intercultural, intergenerational, and inter-professional activities, fostering community, learning, and social connections.

“Canadore is pleased to partner with The Lindsay Weld Centre in an effort to provide more childcare spaces in North Bay”, said George Burton, President and CEO of Canadore. “Canadore purchased the former E.T. Carmichael School with the goal of creating an intergenerational hub for our students and the community where infants and children will interact with seniors, and this project is a first step towards that vision”.

Canadore is committed to fostering an inclusive community that values education and supports all generations. The new center aims to provide a nurturing environment where children can thrive, learn, and grow. It will also serve as a venue for intergenerational programs that bring together young and old, promoting mutual learning and understanding.

With over 1,500 children on the waitlist for daycare in Nipissing, we are excited about the positive impact this project will have on families in North Bay and the surrounding areas. Together, we are building a stronger, more inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

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