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Canadore College bringing back “the Greens” as part of its new housing strategy

Apr 27, 2023 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Residence Facility

Canadore College is embracing the circular economy by reimagining how its original student residence townhouses, known as “the Greens”, could be part of the solution to an ongoing shortage of available student housing in North Bay.  Built in 1971, the Greens were designed to a high standard and provided student housing for more than 40 years, but they have not been occupied in the last decade as the College opted to construct higher-density student housing.  The revitalization also supports Canadore’s commitment to sustainability by optimizing the use of resources, reducing the consumption of raw materials, recovering waste by recycling, and giving the units a second life by repurposing them as residences geared toward families.

“Last fall, there were 21 families living in Canadore residences, occupying 86 beds in units originally designed for individuals,” said George Burton, President and CEO.  “As part of our strategic plan to attract more international students to North Bay, we must provide more family housing.  This project will create additional options that will free up space for both domestic and international students.”

Canadore College’s housing strategy includes the creation of new living spaces off campus as well. The College has leased the former North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit building on Commercial Street, in North Bay, where it will create 21 residential rooms.  These off-campus housing apartments will also be used for new employees who require temporary housing when relocating to North Bay.

“Canadore College formed a housing task force in the spring of 2022 after hearing concerns from students, landlords, our union partners and others about the inventory of safe and affordable housing in our region,” said Shawn Chorney, Vice President Strategic Infrastructure, Indigenous and Learner Services. “Our team quickly set to work to identify viable options that add substantial capacity in the short to mid-term including the townhouse redevelopment, leasing of the secure building on Commercial Street, and rapidly stepping up a high calibre homestay program in collaboration with The Village.” 

In August 2022, Canadore’s residence waitlist peaked at 120 students, including 14 families.  The College estimates the renovated townhouses, combined with the off-campus space and the homestay program, will provide an additional 150-200 spaces for the fall 2023 semester.

“We have further plans that will be activated this summer to bring an additional 64 bedrooms of purpose-built student housing online by fall 2024,” added Chorney. “Our team is committed to excellent student and community relationship outcomes, and we look forward to doing our part on the housing front to support North Bay and the region while realizing enrolment growth.”

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