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Canadore College Student and Graduate Satisfaction Outpaces Provincial Rates

Sep 25, 2019

Canadore College is above the provincial college system’s average in seven performance indicators according to the provincial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey results released today.


Overall, Canadore exceeds the provincial average in student and graduate satisfaction, graduation rate, and graduate employment rate. Compared to other publicly-assisted colleges across Ontario, Canadore’s students feel more confident that their program is giving them the knowledge and skills they need to be useful in their future career, are more assured by the overall quality of the learning experiences in their program and express greater satisfaction in the overall quality of the services at the college.


  • 89.3 per cent of Canadore College graduates secure employment in their field six months after graduation (86.2 provincial average)
  • 89.2 per cent of Canadore College students rate their program as giving them the knowledge and skills that will be useful in their future career (86.2 provincial average)
  • 86.1 per cent graduate satisfaction with Canadore College (79.9 provincial average)
  • 82.8 per cent of Canadore College students highly rate the overall quality of learning experience in their program (78.3 provincial average)
  • 78.3 per cent of Canadore College students are report being satisfied overall (75.7 provincial average)
  • 70.6 per cent of Canadore College students attain graduation criteria (67.2 provincial average)
  • 67.3 per cent of Canadore College students highly rate the overall quality of the services in the college (63.6 provincial average)


“These metrics allow colleges to guide and shape our program offerings, how we deliver content, the skill sets taught, and how we support students in and out of the classroom and beyond graduation,” said George Burton, president and CEO of Canadore College. “While our Canadore team is very pleased with the improvements that we’ve made in this year’s results and against provincial benchmarks, it doesn’t mean that we are going to take our foot off the gas pedal – we will continue to work collaboratively to ensure that our students have access to the very best in all aspects of their student experience.”


More than 260,000 full-time students are enrolled in Ontario’s colleges in programs that range from business administration, civil engineering, construction and health care to animation, aviation, tourism, digital design and more.

College programs continue to be at the forefront of new innovations. Canadore College has developed 14 new programs that will be delivered to respond to industry and community needs in 2020.

Ontario’s 24 colleges offer 900 programs to a diverse range of students in over 200 communities in all regions of the province, in both the major urban centres and in smaller communities. These programs include the in-class training for the majority of the province’s apprentices, four-year honours degree programs for specialized careers and post-graduate programs for college and university graduates.

The provincial government and the colleges have been gathering the annual data on college results since 1998. KPIs are independently gathered for colleges and the provincial government.

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