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Canadore College students getting hands-on experience in their field of study

Jun 16, 2021 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Food Truck

Four Canadore College Culinary Management students have their summer jobs lined up.  They will be operating Brewside Eats, the food truck on-site at New Ontario Brewing Company in North Bay.  It will officially open to the public on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

“I’m looking forward to putting my skills to the test, and seeing how fast I can be when it comes to prepping the food and getting it out there,” said student Logan MacRae. 

Student Spencer Stringer believes he and his classmates will develop those skills quickly.

“The more people come, the more word will spread,” said Stringer.  “And, as the hot weather comes, the more people are going to come to the patio for beer so we can expect more customers”.

“It’s about the way the learning is linked with real life experience that makes our students successful graduates and employees,” said Yura Monestime, Director, Academic Operations and Business Development.

Student Yuzhe “Leon” Ding is from China where there are no food trucks.  He is looking forward to honing his time management skills leading the food prep and making sure it gets to the truck on time.

“I need to organize the time and the food – organize the day.  I’m excited,” said Ding.

Student Daulton Smith, who has been working the curbside service on-campus at 100 Elements, is excited to lead the customer service for Brewside Eats to ensure patrons have the best experience.

The Brewside Eats menu includes southern fried chicken, corn-dusted perch, and grilled halloumi among its offerings. 

“The menu was inspired by my years living in the southern US, and a mutual desire by the New Ontario Brewing Company to offer a unique product for brewery patrons to enjoy on their patio,” said Lou-Anne Robinson, Culinary Technologist.  “We wanted to be different from the usual food truck and offer the students a unique learning experience at the same time.” 

“Three out of five of our employees are Canadore alumni – the association with Canadore is something we’re very proud of,” said Michael Harrison, President of New Ontario Brewing Company.  “We decided if we were going to do a truck, especially with the skillset that comes with 100 Elements, we would do something that doesn’t compete with the rest of the food trucks in town and that pairs well with the beer we make here.”

Brewside Eats will be open Thursday through to Sunday, from noon to 7p.m, all summer long at New Ontario Brewing Company, 1401 Seymour Street, North Bay.

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