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Canadore College urges entrepreneurial learners to “think like a boss.”

Nov 10, 2021 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Canadore College has launched the first-ever Entrepreneurship Academy in Canada to meet growing entrepreneurial demand across the globe.

The Academy is positioned to revolutionize and transform learning experiences and to be responsive to new ways of leading, thinking and learning through environmental and technological disruption. The Entrepreneurship Academy at Canadore College will offer new learning modalities that do not exist elsewhere in Canada, focusing on adaptive, entrepreneurial skill sets.

“As Canadore looks towards the future, we must be responsive to the needs of the businesses, industries, communities, and students we serve,” said George Burton, Canadore College President and CEO.

The Entrepreneurship Academy will leverage foundational business programs offered at Canadore while at the same time initiating new areas of study including Entrepreneurship Management, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurial Tourism (Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant), with more programs to come. Even further, the Academy will offer hands-on, practical training and offer students the opportunity to join a vibrant ecosystem of existing business owners and investors who will coach and mentor students throughout their learning journey at the College.

“The Academy will also offer students the ability to obtain various micro-credentials in different areas of study, diversifying their learning experience in business, and building resilient business leaders,” said Dr. Ahmed Obaide, Vice- President, Academic.

Future opportunities will include entrepreneurial conferences in collaboration with business and community partners, along with a series of webinars aimed at connecting students with entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship Academy will enable students to learn through industry experts and community partners and will offer a more dynamic, hands-on approach through Canadore’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping (ICAMP).

Weston Smith-Long graduated from the two-year Business program in April, and is currently enrolled in the Business Management program.  He plans to enrol in the Entrepreneurship Academy next Fall.

“Entrepreneurship adds tremendously to the economy,” said Smith-Long.  “Small businesses are beneficial to our local and global economies – a determinant of economic health. The more entrepreneurs you have, the more jobs you create, the higher the flow of goods, the more wealth being generated, as well as tax revenue for an economy.”

“As an aspiring entrepreneur, the ability to connect and build a network with experienced entrepreneurs allows me to ask questions and get answers from real world experience that a textbook just can’t teach,” said Smith-Long.

Students can opt for full- or part-time enrolment and are encouraged to start their own business during their studies. “It truly will transform entrepreneurial skill-building learning approaches and develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow,” said Shawn Chorney, Vice President, Strategic Infrastructure, Indigenous and Learner Services.

The Entrepreneurship Academy at Canadore College will officially open in the Fall of 2022. 

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