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Canadore Foundation Announcement

Nov 6, 2019

The Canadore College Foundation celebrated the one year anniversary of the grand opening of The Village, and provided updates on a few of the many great projects recently announced at the College. The Foundation thanked the Village Cabinet members for their hard work and support during the Village capital fundraising campaign, and unveiled its new direction and branding.

George Burton President, addresses students as Canadore College Foundation celebrates one year with the village.

President George Burton joins Canadore College Foundation Board in a group photo with the New Canadore Foundation brand.

Mark Deacon, Co-Chair, The Village Campaign

William Ferguson, Canadore College Foundation Board

Carrie Dokis, Canadore College Foundation

Gord Miller, Canadore College Foundation Board

Judy Sharpe, Co-Chair, The Village Campaign

George Burton, Canadore College President and CEO

Ginette Cazabon, Canadore College Board of Governors

Cory Hobbs, Vice President of Student Life (Canadore Students’ Council)

Lise Paxton, Canadore Student Government Coordinator

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