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Centre for Career Development Team Profile - Trina

Oct 26, 2020

Trina has more than 25 years’ experience serving students and alumni. She has held a variety of human services roles in a number of Student Services departments which has made her a valuable connection to any student or alumni.

A graduate of the Early Childhood Education program, Trina strives for continuing education.  She also holds a certificate in Student Affairs and Services as well as Career Education.

Employer Relations Coordinator is her title but it basically means that she is a connector between two individuals or opportunities.  She provides friendly, open and down to earth discussions.  She will make you think about what you want out of a job, career or volunteer experience.

She is also a helper, and will do what she can, where she can to assist moving someone forward in their personal journey.  Her sense of humour and positive outlook make her easy to approach and connect with.

Trina is from the area and has raised her family here.  She has two children, one is an entry level practical nurse and the other is navigating post-secondary and employment options. This also gives her first hand personal experience with providing career and employment guidance.

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