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Changing Career Paths

Mar 7, 2019 | Ryan Mason, Public Relations Placement Student

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Returning to college as a mature student can provide its share of uncertainties.  If you have taken the time to consider that you are ready to jump back in but are worried about what walking into a classroom with people a fraction of your age will be like, I would say “don’t be!”

I am in my early 30’s and recently decided to come back to college to develop a skill set in a field that I have grown passionate for.  Doubts about fitting into the classroom certainly filled my mind but they were quickly dismissed when I realized that I wasn’t the only one! Even with our small class size, three students were returning for a second diploma and two of us were over 30.

It turns out that more mature and experienced students are returning to college to enhance existing skill sets, develop new aptitudes, increase earning potential and manage career changes. 

Research is showing that Canadians average about 15 jobs throughout their lifetimes.  While jumping from job to job is far more common in our younger years, it does continue later on. This is especially the case when we reach the top of our earning potential, discover new interests or need to adapt to changing technology.

Although each career change we make does not necessarily require a trip back to college, strategic educational planning can greatly enhance the potential for success in a new career.  Participating in ongoing education can allow us to gain current perspectives on evolving industries, manage more responsibilities, follow fulfilling careers and ultimately ensure we receive adequate financial return for our work.

If you are considering revisiting your education, it is important to know that there are many options available to you based on your needs.  Take some time to do research and reach out to the college for questions on how to reduce course load through credit transfers from previous programs. It may also be worth exploring part-time or web-based learning, the potential for tuition reimbursement through your current employer and the range of grants available for mature and returning students.

After having made the leap back in, I can say with confidence that any apprehension I had about the process or the outcome has been removed.  I feel confident in my new skill set and the opportunities that lie ahead so, what’s holding you back?!

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