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Creative Media Arts Talent Highlighted at Showcase

Apr 11, 2019 | Canadore College

(NORTH BAY, ONT.) -- Students from Canadore College’s digital cinematography, post production and television broadcasting programs will be displaying their creative productions at this year’s annual Media Showcase tonight.

Some of the brightest and most creative and promising talents in northern Ontario will be highlighted at tonight’s event. The showcase’s content runs 127.5 minutes in total and will feature:

TV Content

Canadore TV Promo (Promo) -- 1st Year TV -- 1.5 minutes -- General Audience

Behind the Scenes (Promo) -- 1st Year TV -- 1 minute -- General Audience

Drafted (Documentary) -- Bradford -- 6 minutes -- General Audience

Graphic Design Demo Reels

Emma Collwell (Demo Reel) -- 1 minute -- General Audience

Montana Corbeil (Demo Reel) --1 minute -- General Audience

Morgan Sager (Demo Reel) -- 1 minute -- General Audience

Matthew Hoffman (Demo Reel) -- 1 minute -- General Audience

Post Production

Bernardo d'Ávila (Docu/Promo) --1.5 minutes -- General Audience

2nd Year Digital Cinematography

Split (Drama) -- Bryce McIntyre -- 7 minutes -- Mature Audience

Stab Artist (Documentary) -- Lauren Bennie and Tyson Lawlor -- 3 minutes -- General Audience

Little Big Pharma (Comedy) -- Christian Petroski -- 7 minutes -- Mature Audience

The Letter (Drama) -- Carter Rainville -- 5.5 minutes -- General Audience

43% (Documentary) -- Simon McKerral and Carter Rainville -- 3.5 minutes -- General Audience

Jeffy (Comedy) -- Lauren Bennie -- 5 minutes -- General Audience

Republic of Groove (Documentary) -- Nicolas Denomme and Thomas McMahon -- 5.5 minutes --  General Audience

Tripping Over Life (Drama) -- William Morgan -- 6 minutes -- Mature Audience

Carl (Documentary) -- Bryce McIntyre and Luke Perrault -- 5 minutes -- General Audience

New Face (Action) -- Connor Rueter -- 9 minutes -- Mature Audience

3rd Year Digital Cinematography

Class of 2019 Video -- Morningstar Derosier, Mallory Hackner, Richard Louis-Milloy - 3 minutes -- General Audience

Costa Rica Experiential Trip (Trailer) -- Alec Jordan -- 2 minutes -- General Audience

Conversion (Thriller) -- 3rd Year Digi Class and directed by Destiny Dionne-- 25 minutes -- Mature Audience

Colin Show Pilot (Comedy Trailer) -- 3rd Year Digi Class, Post Production and Derek Diorio -- 2 minutes -- General Audience

The Making of Captain Combat (Documentary) -- Bradley Paul -- 4 minutes -- General Audience

Captain Combat (Comedy) -- 3rd Year Digi Class and directed by Curtis Carriere -- 20 minutes -- Mature Audience

Between Canadore College’s digital cinematography, post production and television broadcasting programs, over 300 projects are produced every year. Many of the student-driven productions have garnered provincial, national and international attention and recognition and will continue to do the same in the coming film festival circuit.


Event:             Canadore Media Programs Showcase

Date:               Thursday, April 11, 2019

Time:              Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Location:        Galaxy Cinemas North Bay, 300 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay, Ont.


DISCLAIMER: The media showcase films may contain scenes that some viewers might find disturbing and may contain scenes of violence, nudity, language and drug use. The themes are intended for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised. The opinions expressed in these films do not necessarily reflect the views of Canadore College.

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