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Fantastic News for Canadore Students and The North Bay Community

Sep 26, 2023 | Ishmael Van Der Rassel, Student Storyteller

Sport Dome

Last Friday, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli announced $2 million in funding for Canadore College’s proposed multi-use sports complex that will be located at the Commerce Court Campus. This facility will be a great addition for Canadore students who want to participate in Canadore’s varsity, basketball teams etc., and engage in recreational activities at Canadore College.

The facility will include year-round basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, tennis, cricket and assist the College in expanding their sports programming, and varsity activities. The facility will have an 85,000 square foot dome and 6,200 square foot clubhouse.

“Through a targeted investment, our government is enhancing infrastructure at Canadore College to provide sports and recreation enthusiasts with a year-round indoor facility,” says MPP Fedeli

North Bay prides itself on their sports community and this will be a great addition for the city to have, making it the first of its kind in Northern Ontario. This will be a major boost for the North Bay economy, with the facility eventually becoming a hub for the community and having potential to be a place to host community events, and tradeshows etc.

“Canadore College is proud to be leading this multi-million-dollar investment. We are building this facility to support our academic, sport, and wellness needs and to create a new headquarters for our School of Sport and Recreation,” says College President George Burton.

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