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Going Back to School

Mar 7, 2019 | Ryan Mason, Public Relations Placement Student

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There I was, ten years deep into a retail management role for a company that I absolutely loved but reaching a point of wanting more. 

The position was unique in the sense that it involved non-traditional management responsibilities like travel through a volunteer program supporting grassroots charities, assignments involving media, event planning, public speaking, and campaigns for a variety of environmental, animal and social issues.

It was through these additional responsibilities that I realized my interest and passion for a different industry and ultimately sparked my journey back to college for a career in public relations.

The path I took back to college is unique to me however the concept of returning to pursue more education is one that I would encourage others to consider as well. 

Personally, my first trip through college was fueled by an urgency initiated by my parents and was less the result of an understanding of my skillsets or passion for a particular field.  The time I spent in the workforce allowed me to understand what I enjoy doing, focus my education around developing those skills and align myself towards a career where they would be an advantage. 

One of the major takeaways from my experience in returning to college has been a far greater appreciation and sense for the level of control I have over my success.  My experiences in the workforce have proven to be an advantage when completing assignments and participating in class discussions and my interest in the subject has been motivation to really embrace the learning process.

For some, the financial burden of returning to school may feel like a deal breaker but there are options that can make it less daunting.  Government grants and bursaries usually involve an application process but the effort is certainly worth the payoff.

Furthermore, as a returning student, many colleges will recognize previous education and may transfer credits over to reduce the course load of your new path.  This reduction in course load will free up time that can be used to work and supplement your income while you study. 

At the end of it all, returning to college after spending time in the workforce helps open up doors for a new career, one that you’re passionate about.  It will help you manage more responsibilities and can aid in increasing your earning potential. If you have had thoughts about expanding your skill set, pursuing a lifelong passion or even just taking your current career to the next level, why not give it a shot now?!

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