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International Student Profile ─ Chinmay Patel

Apr 18, 2024 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Chinmay Patel Photo

Chinmay Patel came to Canadore from India in 2023 and became only the second person in that program to receive a Program Achievement Award.

“I joined Canadore to get a certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics,” said Chinmay. “I successfully completed the program with an overall GPA of 3.77. I decided to pursue certification in Project Management, and I am halfway through that certificate course.”

Chinmay came to Canadore because of the College’s natural setting, cultural diversity, and knowledgeable professors who have contributed to his educational success so far.

“The professors are very welcoming, and the teaching method is very versatile and easy to adapt to and follow,” said Chinmay. “Since they have relevant experience, it made me ask a lot of questions and always kept me curious, which indirectly made me read a lot.”

“The resources available at Canadore -- the library, the Student Success Services department, and mentorship from the course coordinator -- have also made a difference.”

But getting here to study has not been all smooth sailing. Chinmay admits to facing challenges as he continues his studies.

“Moving across seas to pursue certifications has been mentally challenging as I am too far away from my family, my support system,” he says. “At Canadore, particularly, being active in the College is vital. Balancing study with being active is a challenge, which intensified when I landed a part-time job. But with help from Student Success Services and a mentor, I am organized and understand my priorities.”

Chinmay is the president of the badminton club, in addition to volunteering in other areas of the College.

“The most memorable volunteering was during orientation sessions for international students, where I dressed as the Canadore mascot,” he said. “I have been involved in a few virtual orientation sessions organized by student success. After a four-month tenure as an International Student Ambassador, I was hired by the Sports and Wellness Department as part of the work-study program. I have been selected as a team member for the iCan Lead Program for fall 2023, where we will be focusing on the theme of sustainability.”

“Being involved in the activities helps me make connections in life and live a real life. I like interacting with new people, people of different cultures, and making friends along the way will make memories that I will remember and feel happy about.”

Patel is the Commerce Court representative on the Canadore Students’ Council.

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