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International Student Profile – Meer Faizan Ali

Apr 2, 2024 | Cindy Males, Public Relations and Communications Specialist

Meer Faizan Ali Photo

Coming to Canada to attend Canadore College was a big decision for Meer Faizan Ali.

“I was working as a project manager at Livspace, India’s leading interior design company,” Faizan Ali said. “I always wanted to study in Canada. I heard from my friends and colleagues that it’s a good college.”

Faizan Ali says his experience at Canadore College has proven that to be true. Faizan Ali enrolled in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management which he completed in December 2023.

“My first job in Canada was at Canadore. It was ground maintenance,” Faizan Ali said. “I have a construction degree, so I love going outdoors and it’s a part of construction, landscaping. I worked all summer while doing my classes. I had balance with my studies, my work, my life. I could give time to myself, my studies, I could earn a living, and, at the end of semester, I found out I earned a 3.96 GPA.”

Faizan Ali went on to earn another near perfect grade point average in the second semester of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He will begin studying Construction Project Management in the spring semester.

“Out of 24 hours, I spend 12 hours on campus,” he says. “I love being on campus. The nature, the people, the ambience. You don’t feel excluded, you feel all the time included. Everyone and anyone who walks around you and talk to you, you feel like you are a part of Canadore.”

Meer Faizan Ali’s experience at the College has been so positive, he plans to encourage others in his family to attend Canadore.

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