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International Students Experiencing Canadore College - Part 1

Mar 20, 2017 | Ryan Peplinskie, Advertising and Marketing Communications Student

Student standing in front of a wall

This is Sarbjeet Singh. He’s a first-year student in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Canadore and is originally from India. When asked why he chose Canadore, he replied that some of his friends back home had already chosen Canadore and their recommendations helped influence his decision to come here. He also stated that compared to a slew of other schools across Canada, Canadore’s international student fees were lower making it the more affordable choice.


When asked about his favorite experience in Canada so far and what’s something he hopes to do or accomplish while in Canada, he responded that seeing snow for the first time was definitely at the top of his list. He also explained that he’s hoping to get a better future. He said that he saw the opportunity in coming to study in Canada and that he wants to maximize and make the best of it.

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