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International Students Experiencing Canadore College - Part 3

Mar 20, 2017 | Ryan Peplinskie, Advertising and Marketing Communications Student

Student standing in front of a wall

This is Maria Flores. She’s a first-year student in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Canadore and is originally from Chile. When asked why she chose to come to Canada and come to school at Canadore, she replied that there are more job opportunities in Canada and the lower international student fees at Canadore were big factors in her decision. She also said that the environment and the outdoors and nature around here as well as Canadore having the program she preferred were also big factors.


When asked about her favorite experience in Canada so far, she said the holiday season because everything looked festive and wintery because of the snow which made it more authentic for her.


When asked about something she wants to accomplish while in Canada, she responded that she’d like to get a job in her field and move to a bigger city. She also hopes to do more snowboarding as she’s fallen in love with it since coming to Canada. She explained that prior to moving here, she had only tried sandboarding but preferred snowboarding because falling was less painful in the snow.

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