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Let’s Talk Pollinators

Jun 23, 2023 | Vanessa Tignanelli, Storyteller & Content Creator

Did you know that more than 80% of the world’s plants need pollinators to exist? In fact, without pollinators, produce in our grocery stores would be cut in half, resulting in increased food insecurity and rising costs across the globe. 

In celebration of Pollinator Week, members of the community were invited to join staff and students to learn more about pollinators found in the natural greenspace behind our College Drive campus.

“One in every three bites of our food is provided by pollinators,” explains Angela Proudfoot, Project Administrator for Sustainable Food & Clean Water, who led the outdoor information session. “Pollinators need to spread from plant to plant so that they can increase the strength and diversity of plants, and create better strains of food and flowers.”

Representatives of the North Bay Gathering Place were in attendance to learn more about what they can do in their Community Garden. Jackson Sloan, Amanda Mayhew, and Jessica Mayhew describe the many varieties of trees recently planted, as well as areas of the garden specifically dedicated to supporting pollinators.

“I was not aware of the variety of pollinators that we have in this area,” says Amanda Mayhew, having learned during the morning’s session that not only bees, but beetles, flies, mosquitos, and bats are important pollinators found in North Bay. 

Canadore College is a proud supporter of Bee City Canada by maintaining our membership as a Bee Campus. In fact, our West Parry Sound Campus became the first Bee Campus in Canada! While we do not have hives in North Bay “yet”, we do support pollinators in a number of ways.

What can you do to help? Avoid planting invasive species and tending to manicured lawns, and instead opt for growing native species with brightly coloured flowers that will attract pollinators. Ask your local gardening store what you can plant in your garden!


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