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Meet our Faculty Researcher: Dr. Mukti Suvedi

Jun 19, 2024 | Research Centre

Dr. Mukti Suvedi

Dr. Mukti Suvedi is a distinguished peace practitioner, educator, and researcher whose extensive career spans over two decades. Since 2004, Dr. Suvedi has been actively involved in multiple capacities as an educator, facilitator, teacher, mentor, and coach. His professional journey has taken him across South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America, where he has spearheaded numerous international development and humanitarian projects. Dr. Suvedi’s work in conflict and disaster-affected regions has been instrumental in shaping effective disaster relief and recovery programs.

He has also organized a multitude of training sessions focusing on peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and entrepreneurship for emerging leaders. Dr. Suvedi’s commitment to education extends to teaching various subjects, including entrepreneurship, conflict management, peacebuilding, leadership, change management, labor economics, and community development. He has lectured at universities and colleges in Canada, Europe, and Asia and currently serves as a visiting research fellow at the Centre of Religions for Reconciliation and Peace at the University of Winchester in the UK.

For Dr. Suvedi, the most rewarding aspect of his role at Canadore College is the opportunity to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders. His extensive background and experiences enable him to mentor, coach, and teach effectively, contributing significantly to the personal and professional development of his students.

Teaching entrepreneurship is particularly fulfilling for Dr. Suvedi, “as it allows him to impart practical skills that students can apply in real-world scenarios. The satisfaction of seeing his students grow, succeed, and positively impact their communities is a testament to his dedication as an educator.” Additionally, his international experience enriches the global perspective he brings to the classroom, bridging the gap between theory and practice and enhancing the learning experience for his students.

Dr. Suvedi is deeply interested in research that intersects business and social sciences, with a focus on entrepreneurship, peace, conflict, and human resources management. He is particularly passionate about exploring the concept of "peacepreneurship," where entrepreneurial principles are applied to foster long-term peacebuilding.

At Canadore College, Dr. Suvedi aims to investigate the interactions between business, social structures, and the promotion of sustainable peace. His research seeks to uncover innovative approaches for sustainable development, peacebuilding, and improving human well-being in organizational and societal contexts. Ultimately, he aspires to contribute practical insights that advance both academic understanding and have real-world applications for positive social change.

Dr. Suvedi has a diverse and extensive background in research, with several notable publications:

  • Global Food Security and Aid Impact on Nepal (2022): Published in the Global Food Security Magazine.
  • Earthquake Impact, Coping Mechanism, and the Community Discourses: Experiences from the Central Hills of Nepal (2021): Published in The Journal of Disaster and Emergency Research (JDER).
  • Significant Accomplishment of the Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction: A Community Perspective from 2015 Earthquake-Affected Communities in Nepal (2020): Published in Contemporary Research: An Interdisciplinary Academic Journal.
  • Nepal Policy towards India under Modi 2.0 (2020): Included in the South Asian Defense Strategies Yearbook by Pentagon Press, New Delhi.
  • Critical Success Factors for Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Recovery (2018): Published in The Journal of Local Self-Governance and Development.
  • Nepalese Perspectives on China-India Doklam Crisis (2018): Featured in the South Asian Defense Strategies Yearbook by Pentagon Press, New Delhi.
  • Nepal Post Earthquake Humanitarian Assistance (2017): Included in the South Asian Defense Strategies Yearbook by Pentagon Press, New Delhi.
  • Dimensions and Implications of Privatization of Education in Nepal (2012).

Dr. Suvedi encourages his colleagues to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to research. He believes that “intersecting different fields can lead to novel insights and innovative solutions. Collaboration with experts from diverse backgrounds is crucial to gaining fresh perspectives and fostering a comprehensive understanding of research topics.”

He also emphasizes “the importance of persistence and patience in research. The journey often involves setbacks and challenges, but staying committed to one's goals and viewing obstacles as opportunities for growth is key.” Dr. Suvedi advises maintaining a resilient mindset and celebrating small victories to stay motivated throughout the research process.

Dr. Suvedi wishes for students “to understand that research is not merely about acquiring information or completing assignments. It is a dynamic and exciting process of exploration, discovery, and contribution to knowledge.” He encourages students to approach research with a sense of adventure and view it as a continuous learning journey.