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Meet our Faculty Researchers - Dr. Abhijeetkumar Singh

Sep 1, 2022 | Research Centre

Researcher Profile: Dr. Abhijeetkumar Singh

Abhijeet is a faculty member and Coordinator in our Game Design and Development Program. Abhijeet brings seven years of corporate and 15 years of academic experience from around the world. His qualifications include Bachelor's in Computer Applications, an MBA focusing on Information Technology Business Management, a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Information Technology, a Six Sigma Green and Black Belt and Professional certification in Game Design and Development.

Abhijeet's passion and experience in entrepreneurship led him to start his own social Innovation startup in India. Designing games and technology integration has been very close to Abhijeet's heart. As a result, he has worked with many Asian and international startups in building their games and several EdTech companies creating gamifying experiences for their users. Abhijeet built a business incubator from scratch to attract graduates and postgraduate students into entrepreneurship, impact, and innovation.

Abhijeet has loved being involved with students, has mentored multiple students in starting their own businesses from ideation to commercialization, and has been part of several inspiring entrepreneurial stories. He enjoys interacting with students and supporting them through brainstorming, coaching, and training for career advancement, research, and entrepreneurship purposes.

For Abhijeet, the benefit of being in research must be the 'people,' including highly creative students, intellectual colleagues, and inspiring leadership. He enjoys working with the students who bring forth great creativity in their work, passion in their learning, and high aspirations. Each day with the students motivates him to strive and improve the program to support students' learning and prospects.

Abhijeet is keen to further research gamification in education, the amalgamation of technology and education, and how entrepreneurship can be incorporated into our daily learning programs. His hopes and goals in becoming involved are to contribute his expertise and the vast exposure he was fortunate to get through his global experience. As an ardent researcher, Abhijeet has been featured in international publications and consulted by several multinationals in India for market research projects. He has also worked on information technology project operations and corporate coaching across many organizations.

For Abhijeet, research helps in one's own professional development, and researchers gain that perspective and insight from diverse angles, so it is something that all should seek. Abhijeet also supports that engaging in research also gives a data-driven and analytical perspective to the professors that are always useful in the classroom and beneficial for students' learning as well. Whether students opt for a corporate, academic, government, or entrepreneurship career, research is evident everywhere. Organizations are research-driven, and the data collected provides them with information for continuous improvement. Also, according to Abhijeet, "students should seek to learn about diverse research methodologies and how they are being conducted irrespective of their education."

Lastly, Abhijeet believes, "getting involved in research is another way to experience diverse academic fields related to the program the students are undergoing. This will help them understand various branches that come out of their respective programs and could be relevant in underpinning their future career paths."

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