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Meet our Student Researcher – Arshpreet Singh

Apr 26, 2023 | Research Centre

Arshpreet Singh

Arshpreet Singh, an international student, graduated with a Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma in 2023. He graduated from high school in India in 2019 with a major in Science and Mathematics. His interests have always been in community recreation, digital marketing, content development, and technology in general. His previous experience includes handling administrative obligations and photo and video editing. Some of his proudest achievements include volunteering and serving on the organizing team for TEDxCanadoreCollege,  which taught him how much time, effort, and planning are required to host an event of that level. Arshpreet has been instrumental in support the Research Centre update its website in developing a workplan, as well as developing online modules for student training/onboarding.

According to him, the Research Center has allowed him to connect with established researchers, faculty members, industry professionals, and other like-minded individuals to build a mentoring network. He believes this entire journey for him has been an intellectually stimulating and fulfilling experience, as it provided him with a platform to explore new concepts and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Arshpreet worked on the Social Robots project and the Intergenerational Pickleball for The Village at Canadore College. This helped him to understand the gravity of practical applications and real-world impact while seeing the tangible outcomes of research, such as the implementation of solutions and the positive impacts on individuals within our community.

Arshpreet has always been interested in research in general, but due to limited opportunities, he had never been exposed to research. He was curious to learn how various pieces come together and wanted to gain insights into research methodologies, data analysis, and dissemination. As a result, he saw an opportunity with Canadore Research Centre to engage in and become acquainted with cutting-edge research and gain access to resources and facilities, a collaborative environment, networking and professional development opportunities, funding and support, and career advancement.

After being involved with the Research Centre, Arshpreet wants other students to know that "knowledge is not a destination, but a process of inquiry and discovery. And college life is not just about academics but also personal development, self-discovery, and building lifelong skills. Strive for a balanced approach encompassing academic excellence, personal growth, and meaningful connections and experiences to make the most out of your college years. Don't stress about grades and failures; learn from them."

Arshpreet also learned how applied research differs from basic research; how applied research encompasses approaches and challenges to real-world issues, and addresses practical challenges that aims to generate findings that can directly be applied to particular situations or contexts to improve outcomes, guide decision-making, or create noticeable effects in the real world. Additionally, he discovered the relevance and significance of lesser-known elements like partner engagement, rapid implementation, and collaborative approaches.

He wants the students to realize that "applied research is not a one-time linear event, but rather a process that involves time, effort, and perseverance. Being flexible, adaptable, and open to new ideas and perspectives is essential in navigating the research process and embracing the iterative nature of research. It has the potential to have a significant societal influence and lead to discoveries, innovations, and advancements in various disciplines, including healthcare, technology, the environment, social sciences, and others. Findings from research can help shape policy, enhance practices, and address real-world issues."

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