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Meet our Student Researcher – Shannon Coyle

Jul 4, 2023 | Research Centre

Shannon Coyle

Shannon Coyle, a devoted Social Service Worker who has made remarkable contributions to the Research Centre at Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology, is the July highlight for the Meet Our Student Researcher Series. With a wealth of involvement in social services and a deep-seated desire to improve people's lives, Shannon has shown unwavering dedication and accomplished noteworthy feats throughout her academic and career path. Since her high school graduation in North Bay in 2015, Shannon has sought new ways to enhance the lives of marginalized community members. With a keen focus on policy implementation and procedure development, she strives to increase access to vital support services. Shannon firmly believes that "everyone, regardless of their circumstances, should have equitable access to the assistance they need." Her commitment to cultural humility and trauma-informed practice extends across all social service sectors, fostering an environment that values diversity and recognizes each individual's unique experiences.

During the final semester of her Social Service Worker program, she completed a four-month placement in the Research Centre. In this role, she conducted intake interviews, facilitated literature reviews, and was the primary liaison between researchers and participants. Shannon's skills, experience, motivation, and professionalism were recognized when she was awarded the prestigious Mental Health Research Canada and MITACS studentship upon completing her placement. With this grant, Shannon is supporting the work of exploring both parental experiences and service and healthcare provider practices with post-partum mood and anxiety disorders.

Throughout her placement period, Shannon acquired invaluable insights into the world of applied research. She had the opportunity to witness the Research Centre's impressive capacity to uplift the North Bay community and its surroundings. By fully immersing herself in applied research, Shannon has gained a profound understanding of the pressing needs within our community, which has helped guide her towards creating positive and lasting change. Shannon's previous experience as a care worker for vulnerable populations, combined with her time at the Research Centre, has opened doors to countless opportunities, enabling her to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those residing in our community.

When asked about her interest in joining the Research Centre, Shannon explained that during her education as a Social Service worker, she developed a passion for the policies and procedures sector of social work. With a strong desire to create lasting systemic change and improve the lives of individuals in the community, her placement supervisor recommended the Research Centre at Canadore College. The Centre's work involves gathering information to assist the community, including addressing gaps and barriers in accessing care. This type of work aligns perfectly with her values and beliefs, and the Research Centre's dedication to finding advancements and solutions to community challenges has continuously fostered positive change. When asked about advice for other students, Shannon emphasizes "the importance of seeking help when needed, particularly when it starts affecting one's well-being. She highlights that asking for help is a sign of strength and can lead to positive changes in one's life and the lives of those around them."

Through her involvement in Applied Research, she hopes that students will understand the importance of identifying community needs and finding practical improvement solutions. Research enables us to collect valuable information about diverse communities, their priorities, and how collaborative efforts can enhance their lives. Shannon encourages students to embrace the power of research, seek assistance when necessary, and recognize its transformative impact on individuals and communities alike.

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