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Meet Ramandeep Kaur: The Student Researcher Making Waves at Canadore

Mar 5, 2024 | Research Centre

Ramandeep Kaur Photo

Ramandeep Kaur is a determined student from Punjab, India, who is passionate about knowledge and has received support from her family throughout her academic journey. She started with a solid foundation at SRM School, Moga, and then earned a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Chandigarh University. These educational pursuits laid the groundwork for a successful career, marked by pivotal experiences that shaped her into the aspiring research student she is today.

During her experience as a team lead at a multinational firm, Ramandeep gained invaluable insights over four years. These experiences not only fortified her stance in the corporate world but also ignited a desire for continuous learning and professional growth. This thirst for knowledge led her to pursue further studies in Canada, where she is currently engaged in a Logistics and Supply Chain course.

Ramandeep's journey took a significant turn when she became involved with the Research Centre at Canadore. Here, she found a nurturing environment where her passion for research could flourish. The opportunity to immerse herself in a diverse range of projects provided her with firsthand insights into the meticulous planning and dedication required for executing events like TEDxCanadoreCollege.

Beyond event organization, Ramandeep's contributions to the Research Centre extend to handling research data and engaging in marketing design endeavours. These experiences not only amplified her skill set but also broadened her perspective on the interdisciplinary nature of research. Collaborating with esteemed faculty researchers, industry experts, and the research community has exposed her to new skills.

Ramandeep is drawn to the Research Centre at Canadore because it offers incredible opportunities for diverse tasks within research. She finds a supportive environment where her curiosity thrives, and her goals are guided. The chance to work with people from around the world and access a wealth of knowledge within the faculty and student community excites her, inspiring her to explore new discoveries. Through her experience with the Research Centre, Ramandeep has acquired diverse skills, ranging from project management and data analysis to interdisciplinary collaboration. These skills have not only contributed to her personal and professional growth but have also aligned seamlessly with her future career goals.

Reflecting on her journey with the Research Centre, Ramandeep is eager to share her insights with fellow students. She advocates for active participation in practical projects, emphasizing their role in fostering personal and professional growth. Additionally, she underscores the importance of continuous skill enhancement, believing that a diverse skill set positions individuals as catalysts for positive change and innovation, particularly in the realms of science and research.

Ramandeep has gained valuable insights into how technology and social innovation intersect through her involvement in applied research projects. Working together with others, she's seen how research can make a real difference in solving important societal problems. For her, research isn't just about following a straight path; it's an ongoing process of learning and improving. She believes in learning from mistakes, staying objective, and maintaining high standards to ensure that research findings are credible and trustworthy.