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Ministry Approves More Canadore Programs

Sep 5, 2019

Canadore College received formal approval from the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to deliver another five new programs.


Sports Entrepreneurship and Administration, Ontario College Diploma (Fall 2020)

The two-year sports entrepreneurship program will prepare students for a range of exciting career opportunities in the growing field of sport administration. Through a unique inter-departmental delivery format, learners will acquire skills in practical sport, business and entrepreneurialism through theoretical course work coupled with experiential learning. Graduates will gain knowledge in business, accounting, project management and entrepreneurial studies, sport and special event planning, marketing, fundraising, community development and volunteer management. Students will obtain relevant industry certifications and complete a specialized 100-hour practicum with industry professionals.


Entrepreneurship Management, Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Fall 2021)

This one-year certificate program is designed for graduates of related college or university programs who are interested in developing entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities. Students will learn the key principles and practices necessary for success in business, which can be applied to any industry sector. Learners will benefit from a variety of theoretical teachings and experiential learning opportunities based on worldwide settings. Graduates will have the skills necessary to open their own business, or assist in the management of a company.


Entrepreneurship Management - Hotel, Resort & Restaurant, Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Fall 2021)

This one-year program is designed for graduates of related college or university programs. The certificate will provide additional global context relating to the culinary and tourism sectors through a combination of experiential learning and classroom work with an emphasis in entrepreneurship -- idea generation, application techniques and execution. Graduates will be equipped to take on managerial roles or own their own business.


Human Resources Management, Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Fall 2020)

Designed to teach essential human resource functions within domestic and international business environments, this one-year graduate certificate program is open to graduates of another college or university program. Students will be prepared to facilitate and guide staffing, performance management, training, employee and labour relations, health and safety, as well as benefits and compensation administration functions. Graduates will be skilled in the frameworks of communication, information technology, teamwork, and organizational development strategies that support an organization’s human resources activities.


Functional Genomics and Clinical Consultation, Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Fall 2020)

Functional genomics integrates molecular- and cellular-based strategies and applies high-throughput techniques, such as genotyping and next-generation sequencing to study the structure, function and regulation of an individual's genomic legacy. The functional genomics program will use a genome-wide approach to study the dynamic aspects of gene expression regulation and protein to protein interactions. Students will garner hands-on experience in the lab by applying various techniques to measure molecular activities and explore function-related aspects of the genome. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the pathogenesis of diseases, predicting disease status, and developing efficacious wellness and treatment plans through applying genetic variation knowledge in relation to an individual's environment, nutrition, and lifestyle.


 “Canadore College’s vision is to connect people, education and employment,” said George Burton, president and CEO of Canadore College. “Our extraordinary team continually works hard to achieve this goal in an ever-changing world. The college has had a record year in program development, and we are so proud to be bringing these new programs to the market, knowing that they meet the employment demands of industry in our region, province, and beyond.”

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