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Preparing for Upcoming Exams and Final Tests

Nov 27, 2023 | Ishmael Van Der Rassel, Student Storyteller

As we approach the much-anticipated Exam Week, now is the time to start studying, preparing notes and get a grasp on the topics learn ahead of your final exams and tests.

Exam week provides a quiet and controlled environment for students to do work independently and for teachers to verify how much student remember from the overall course during the semester.

In preparation for your exams, make sure to attend all final class sessions, pay close attention to lectures and make notes for yourself and review later.

Take time to study with fellow classmates, find a study buddy or form a study group, create flashcards to rewrite important facts, concepts, and definitions. This will help you quiz yourself without the assistance of fellow peers.

Make sure to stay organized by scheduling class meetings, time for homework, time for pending assignments and projects. Also, keep track of deadlines, dates, and times that you must hand in homework to your professor.

Attending a review session is crucial as it’s pre-test review session before the actual exam week arrives and this will help refresh your memory of important information on topics that might be in your final exam.

For those who learn the best through hands-on experience, consider revisiting some of your previous assignments and previous written notes. Reviewing them can be a game-changer and can refresh your memory, when prepping for those upcoming exams and tests that cover a significant chunk of your course content.

Maintaining a routine and schedule is crucial to stay on top of academic commitments and preparing for success.