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Student Success Services - Happier Blog, Thursday

Oct 8, 2020 | Jessica Rochon, Student Triage Navigator


It’s simple.  Episode #87:  Find a Happiness 911 Song. 

A song that time and time again is a NO FAIL for putting a smile on your face and boosts your mood!  What is it?  I go back and forth between different songs I’ve heard throughout my life.  Often, just one can turn a crabby day into something much better by simply listening.  My dad was a Musician most of his young adult/adult life, and years ago he cut a record (can you believe it!?).  My Uncle was amazing and had this record put on a CD for me as a Christmas gift.  As years passed, I misplaced it, but when I was moving, I found it!  What a treasure!  I listened to it for the first time in a long, long, long time; probably since childhood.  My dad has passed away, so listening to his CD when I am having a rough day is simply the hug I need when times are tough!  Their original song ‘In the Morning’ is definitely one of my Happiness 911 songs and is a no fail smiler J. 

Episode 87: Find a Happiness 911 Song can be found through Spotify, Apple Podcasts or you can visit Gretchen’s website:

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