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Student Success Services - Happier Blog, Tuesday

Oct 6, 2020 | Jessica Rochon, Student Triage Navigator



Aren’t Gretchen & Elizabeth great!?!  I love how they are always considering the way they treat others and how they react to situations; especially with their ‘Demerits & Gold Stars’.  Even though they may not notice these moments when they happen, they often recognize it later on.  Knowing how we respond or react to stressors is an important skill to have.  It allows us to reflect, modify, and evaluate our responses.  Having insight into our ‘not so great’ qualities is important for self-improvement, our relationships with others, and how we manage stress.  This in turn affects our overall wellbeing and mental health.  In keeping with this theme, may I suggest Podcast #8:  Episode #8:  Deep Down, what makes you Happier?  Take a listen!! 

It can be found through Spotify, Apple Podcasts or you can visit Gretchen’s website:


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