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Take the scenic route…

Jun 13, 2017 | Shane Miljevic, Student

I lived in Oakville, Ontario for an entire 8 months, and not once in that time did I visit the waterfront. In fact I almost entirely forgot that I was right beside Lake Ontario for the duration of my stay. It wasn’t until I visited back, a year later, in a better state of mind and with a close friend local to the area, did I see the shore.

My stay in Oakville was an unhappy one, I was in a program I didn’t like, and I was in a city that felt alien to me. Instead of exploring an area I assumed was boring, I spent my days inside and isolated. I’m almost glad that happened though, because it taught me an important lesson. We as people have the ability to influence ourselves through our surroundings. Explore your city, and through that explore yourself. Let the environment influence you and engulf you, because at the end of your stay, you’ll know that you took advantage of the peace of mind only nature can provide.

We often think to be comfortable in a new home there needs to be a lot of social activity in the area, perhaps clubs or coffee houses or parties. But if you explore a little further, if your trek a little harder, you can find solace in nature.

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