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The Aviation Industry: Shifting, Not Shutting Down

Mar 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our studies, careers and social lives in many ways. The aviation industry has been hit particularly hard.  In addition to limited seating on available flights, there have been travel restrictions, stay at home orders, and cancelled flights. Air Canada and WestJet have dropped regional routes resulting in massive layoffs. 

But, while many people believe the industry has been shut down completely, that is not true!

Rather than a shutdown, we are experiencing a shift.

How many people shopped online over the holidays?  How many of those gifts were delivered to another city, province, or country?  While passenger airlines have cancelled flights, the cargo airlines have increased flights dramatically.

Business people who previously flew by commercial airlines were forced to shift to using corporate jets.  This lesser known sector of the aviation industry is crucial to the conservation of the corporate world.  In terms of job prospects, this sector can be rewarding both professionally and financially. 

The maintenance and modification sector is also experiencing a boom. The conversion of private planes and passenger planes to cargo or special purpose planes has necessitated a specialized skillset.  I have spoken with several companies who have indicated that they are busier than before the pandemic.  Some are even expanding!

And, don’t forget about our military.  They are actively recruiting through the college system.  Working with special mission helicopters and fighter jets will fill your day with adventure.

Remember, it’s not a shutdown, it’s a SHIFT!

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Brett Chadwick

Professor, Coordinator – School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology

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