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Uncovering the Cover Letter

Mar 13, 2017 | Canadore College

By: Trina  St. Jacques, Employer Services Coordinator

Graduating and looking to start your career?  A cover letter can strengthen your candidacy and increase your odds of an interview. 

5 valid reasons why a cover letter is necessary:

  1. Tells the employer who you are and why they want you.
    Yes, the Objective or Professional Summary on your resume also does this, but only in so many words. In the body of the letter, you have the room to elaborate on your experiences and interest in the position.
  2. Showcases your writing ability.
    Resumes have strict formulas with bullet points and choppy statements. A cover letter allows you to write more fluently. Employers like to see that you can communicate well in writing; a proper cover letter does that.
  3. Lets you highlight your strengths.
    Your resume lists the roles you played and significant accomplishments. But when you're constrained to one page (or two, if you have that much relevant experience), you may have to sacrifice some details. In your cover letter, you can explain and draw attention to a few noteworthy experiences. It also helps to show your personality.
  4. Shows that you're serious.
    When you apply for a job by simply submitting your resume, the hiring manager could interpret this as a lazy move. If two equally qualified candidates apply, do you want to be the one who took the time to write a cover letter, or the one who didn't?
  5. Makes up for a resume that can't stand alone.
    Your resume should be effective if unaccompanied by a cover letter, but in case it just isn't as persuasive as you thought it was, a cover letter can add to it.


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