Health, Human Care and Wellness

Behavioural Science - Technician

2 years Ontario College Diploma

3 years Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Real-world experience through several field placements and seminars


Train for a career in a growing field of study. This specialized program will train you to become a behaviour analyst, skilled in the theory and technique of behaviour analysis and modification. Graduates are qualified to work in a number of settings working with individuals or groups with mental health issues, autism or other developmental disabilities or who are in need of crisis intervention.

Your Future Career

  • Individual and family services
  • Residential care or group homes
  • Public administration
  • Government
  • Correctional facilities

What You Learn (2 year)

  • Children, youth, and older persons’ mental health
  • Behavioural assessment and techniques
  • Autism and developmental disabilities
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Crisis intervention
  • Cognitive behaviour

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U, Grade 11 or 12 Science (C or U), Grade 11 Math (C, U or M)

Semester 1

CMM125 Communication I
PSY200 Lifespan Development
MHA123 Children & Youth Mental Health
HSP155 Family Dynamics
GENED Gen Ed Elective - Online
ABA100 Foundational Concepts of ABA

Semester 2

CMM230 Workplace Communications
MHA113 Older Persons' Mental Health
HSP170 Evaluating Information
ABA110 Behavioural Assessment & Techniques I
ABA120 Autism & Developmental Disabilities (7 wks)
ABA130 Aquired Brain Injuries (7 wks)

Semester 3

MHA241 Relapse Prevention and Wellness (7weeks)
MHA234 Crisis Intervention (7weeks)
HSP105 Interviewing & Helping Skills I
MHA243 Cognitive Behavioural Techniques
ABA200 Legislation & Policy
ABA220 Professional Ethics
ABA210 Behavioural Assessment & Techniques II
ABA230 Field Placement Seminar I

Semester 4

ABA250 Field Placement
ABA240 Field Placement Seminar II
ABA260 Interventions: Acquisition & Reduction Strategies
ABA270 Community Integration

Semester 5

ABA300 Forensics & Risk Assessment
ABA310 Research & Statistics
ABA320 Group Behavioural Therapy
MHA235 Basic Pharmacology for Mental Health
ABA330 Special Populations
ABA340 Field Seminar

Semester 6

ABA350 Field Placement
ABA360 Field Seminar
ABA370 Advanced Issues/Areas of Application
ABA380 Selected Topics in Behavioural Sciences (IND Study/Research Project)
ABA390 Transition to Practice