Early Childhood Education

2 years Ontario College Diploma

Field placement and volunteer opportunities that give you hands-on, real-world experience


Upcoming Intakes:

Fall 2021: College Drive – North Bay, Canadore at Stanford – Brampton, Canadore at Stanford – Mississauga, Canadore at Stanford – Scarborough

Winter 2022: College Drive – North Bay

Spring 2022: Canadore at Stanford – Mississauga

There is an increased demand for qualified early childhood educators. Get the skills you need to start a rewarding career working with young children. This activity-based program is taught using a holistic approach in which the stages of a child’s developmental growth are emphasized including cognitive skills and socio-emotional development.

Graduates of our program find careers working in partnership with teachers in kindergarten classrooms across Ontario, as well as other early learning environments.

Your Future Career

  • Full-day kindergarten programs
  • Educational settings as educational assistants
  • Resource programs
  • Specialty and early learning schools
  • Childcare centres or home care

What You Learn

  • Child development
  • Infant, toddler, pre-school, kindergarten and school-aged curricula
  • Language and literacy development
  • Health, safety and nutrition
  • Special education
  • Outdoor/environmental learning course

Recognized by the College of Early Childhood Educators. Graduates may apply to become Registered Childhood Educators.

Additional Option: Early Childhood Education Intensive (accelerated):

Graduates of any Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Arts program can complete this hands-on, intensive program in one year. Expand your knowledge and skill-set working in real-world settings. Learn more

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U

If English is not your first language you must provide proof of English competency.

View current English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Academic Upgrading

Semester 1

ECE 111 Child Development I
ECE 118 Health, Safety & Nutrition
ECE 120 Introduction to Practice
ECE 145 Guidance & Self-Regulation
HUM 100 Interpersonal Relations
SOC 100 Foundations of Sociology
CMM 125 College Communication
ECE 125 Observation

Semester 2

ECE 110 Language & Literacy
ECE 156 Supporting Infants & Toddlers
ECE 115 Supporting Preschool Children
ECE 135 Child Development II
ECE 140 Field Placement I
HUM 200 Group Dynamics
GENED General Education Elective - Online (ECE Sem 2)

Semester 3

ECE 204 Children's Science and Math
ECE 222 Creative Arts
ECE 223 Field Placement II
ECE 227 Working With Diverse Families
ECE 255 Outdoor Education
ECE 235 Supporting School Age Children
ECE 245 Diversity & Inclusion

Semester 4

ECE 212 Special Education
ECE 218 Administration in Early Learning Setting
ECE 226 Advocacy in Early Childhood
ECE 236 Kindergarten Environments
ECE 229 Well-Being for Educators
ECE 228 Specialty Curriculum
ECE 265 Field Placement III
GENED General Education Elective - Online (ECE Sem 4)

Ancillary fees have been reviewed as a result of COVID-19 and alternative service and program delivery plans. For current ancillary fees details please see https://www.canadorecollege.ca/get-started/money/fees-and-expenses

2021-2022 2 years Ontario College Diploma

College Drive Campus – Domestic
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $2720.24 $908 - - $3628.24
2 $2720.24 $758 - - $3478.24

2021-2022 2 years Ontario College Diploma

College Drive Campus – International
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $13179.52 $1488 - - $14667.52
2 $13179.52 $1338 - - $14517.52

2021-2022 2 years Ontario College Diploma

Canadore @ Stanford – International
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $13179.52 $1348 - - $14527.52
2 $13179.52 $1198 - - $14377.52

Check out the Campus Bookstore to not only purchase your textbooks but also view your book list before the semester starts. 

You will also need:

  • First Aid / CPR - apx. $80.00 (recommended)
  • Health-related Immunizations – Cost will Vary
  • Clearance Card - apx. $35.00
  • Name tag (from the Campus Shop) - apx. $10.00

Required for placement:

  • Canadian Criminal Record Check with Vulnterable Sector Screening - apx. $40.00 - $60.00
    • Fingerprinting may be required at an additional cost
  • Complete outdoor winter clothing and indoor running shoes (costs vary)

Canadore College will implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in Fall 2020 to enhance students’ learning experience in and out of the classroom and to ensure student flexibility in learning. To learn more about BYOD and to find out what is required for your program, please visit https://www.canadorecollege.ca/BYOD

Ontario College Diploma

Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

View Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

View course outlines

Business Management – 8 months to complete
Human Resources Management – 8 months to complete
Project Management – Information Technology – 8 months to complete
Recreation and Leisure Services (Fast Track) – 8 months to complete
Recreation Therapy (Fast Track) – 8 months to complete
Social Service Worker Intensive (accelerated) – 10 months (condensed) to complete (must have a min of 40 hrs of direct experience with clients in a social service agency)
Strength and Sport Conditioning (Fast Track) – 8 months to complete
Youth at Risk – 8 months to complete

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