Electrical Techniques

28 weeks Ontario College Certificate

Experience project-based training on industry-standard tools


Upcoming Intakes:

Fall 2024: Commerce Court – North Bay

Winter 2025: Commerce Court – North Bay

Skilled workers trained in residential and commercial wiring are in demand. Get the training you need in Canadore’s versatile 2,200 sq. ft. electrical lab where you will learn essential skills such as service installations, pipe bending and armoured cable practices on industry-standard tools. There is a heavy focus on real-world practical experience so you can enter the job market with knowledge and confidence.

NOTE: Successful completion is equivalent to Level 1 Apprenticeship in-class portion.

Your Future Career

  • Independent contractor
  • Construction and maintenance worker
  • Electrical apprentice
  • Electrical distributor
  • Network/PoE cable installer
  • Pole line

What You Learn

  • Electrical theory and practice
  • Trades calculations
  • Blueprint reading
  • Safety and electrical code

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U

If English is not your first language you must provide proof of English competency.

View current English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Semester 1

CMM125 College Communication I
ELE100 Electrical Theory I (1st 7 wks)
ELE101 Electrical Theory II (2nd 7 wks)
ELE110 Residential Theory I (1st 7 wks)
ELE111 Residential Theory II (2nd 7 wks)
ELE120 Practical Electrical I (1st 7 wks)
ELE121 Practical Electrical II (2nd 7 wks)
MTH108 Trade Calculations

Semester 2

ELE210 Blueprint Reading
ELE220 Safety and Electrical Code
ELE235 Electrical Theory III (1st 7 wks)
ELE245 Residential Theory III (1st 7 wks)
ELE250 Electrical Practice III
ELE260 Electrical Theory IV (2nd 7 wks)
GENED General Education Elective - Online (ELE Sem 2)

2024-25 28 weeks Ontario College Certificate

Commerce Court Campus – Domestic
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $2720.24 $1362.5 - - $4082.74

2024-25 28 weeks Ontario College Certificate

Commerce Court Campus – International
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $15547.54 $1942.5 - - $17490.04


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You will also need:

  • Pair of solder kits (from the Campus Shop) - apx. $30.00

Ontario College Certificate

Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

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