Environmental Geomatics

1 year Ontario College Graduate Certificate

School of Environmental Studies and Biotechnology Alumni

Emma Nef Photo
Emma Nef

Nipissing Environmental Biology and Technology student, Nipissing University

Environmental Technician - Protection and Compliance Graduate

“The real-world application focus in the program has been instrumental in preparing me for the challenges of the professional environment. Specifically, the environmental monitoring and project management classes have stood out as they equipped me with practical skills that I use on a day-to-day basis. However, I've found that all the required courses, whether through terminology, report writing, or professional conduct, have contributed to my overall preparedness for the workforce. The skills and knowledge I acquired at Canadore have been incredibly valuable. The program has not only provided me with a strong academic foundation but has also instilled in me the confidence to tackle real-world challenges seamlessly.” 

McKaylii Jawbone Photo
McKaylii Jawbone

Environmental Technician
Kebaowek Land Management and Resources

Environmental Technician - Protection and Compliance Graduate 2017

"This program was filled with hands-on learning experiences like ecology, toxicology and biology labs that took place outdoors. We also had the experience to learn inside the chemistry and microbiology laboratories. After graduation, I was hired by my hometown reserve Kebaowek First Nation to work on a walleye spawning habitat restoration project, which opened the door for me. Being in this field I have had the chance to work in fisheries, eastern wolf species at risk studies, water quality conservation, environmental assessments, drinking water industry and also consultations. Going to Canadore and taking my program is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would encourage anyone who has a passion for the environment to take this program as well, you will not be disappointed!"

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