First Peoples’ Aviation Technology – Flight

3 years Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Receive hands-on flight training


Become a qualified, professional pilot in a unique learning environment. This program is the only Indigenous postsecondary program of its kind in Canada. The FNTI Aviation program is offered in partnership with Canadore College. The curriculum meets the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities requirements for postsecondary studies as well as Transport Canada regulations and standards for flight training.

Your Future Career

  • Commercial pilot
  • Charter/bush pilot
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Air traffic control
  • Airport manager

What You Learn

  • Flight training
  • Navigation
  • Radio operation
  • Flight and simulator training
  • Private and commercial pilot licence requirements

Note: Graduates will hold a commercial licence with their rating of choice and will also meet the eligibility criteria to obtain a Flight Dispatcher designation and a Two-Crew and Cruise Relief Pilot (IATRA) certification. 

Grade 12 English (ENG4C), Grade 12 Math for College Technology (MCT4C) or University Math (MHF4U or MCV4U or equivalent), Grade 11 or 12 Physics is strongly recommended

Semester 1

ATF110 Private Air Law
ATF111 Meteorology I & II
ATF112 Flight Theory & Operations
ATF113 Flight Lab I - Part A
ATF114 Flight Training I - Part A: Post Solo
ATF115 Health & Wellness
CMM125 College Communications
OSL100 Orientation to Student Life
STS100 Strategies for Success

Semester 2

AMT106 Aircraft Handling Procedures I
ATF122 Airframes, Engines & Systems
ATF123 Flight Lab I - Part B
ATF124 Flight Training I - Part A: Private Licence
ATF125 Health & Wellness II
ATF126 Navigation I & II
ATF128 Human Factors in Aviation
BCL130 Microsoft Office I
MTH191 Math for Technicians

Semester 3

ATF231 Meteorology III
ATF232 Engines & Airframes
ATF233 Flight Lab II
ATF234 Flight Training II: Night /Timebuild
ATF235 Health & Wellness III
ATF236 Navigation III
ATF237 Aeronautics - General Knowledge
CLT100 First Peoples of Canada
CMM230 Workplace Communications
FNT230 Intro. to Indigenous World Views

Semester 4

ATF240 Commercial Air Law
ATF243 Flight Lab III
ATF244 Flight Training III: Commercial Flight Test
ATF245 Health & Wellness IV
ATF246 Navigation IV
ATF248 Human Factors in Flight
GED125 Government Relations
GED160 Topics in a Contemporary Workplace
MTH127 Introductory Algebra

Semester 5

ATF351 Advanced Aeronautics I - Ground School
ATF352 Winter Survival
ATF354 Flight Training IV
ATF355 Health & Wellness V
ATF359 Instructor or Float or Advanced Multi-IFR
BUS290 Career Planning
FNT350 Cultural Studies

Semester 6

AMT107 Aircraft Handling Procedures II - Co-Op
ATF361 Advanced Aeronautics II - Flight
ATF362 CRM / System Safety
ATF365 Health & Wellness VI
ATF369 Flight Dispatcher
CMM361 Speaking Up, Speaking Out!
GED135 Personal Success
HBR100 History of Aboriginal Relations
PHY161 Introduction to Statics


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