Game Design and Development

3 years Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Learn to create games from beginning to end


Upcoming Intake: Fall 2021, College Drive – North Bay

Start your exciting career in game development and design. This program combines artistic and technical aspects of the game production process. Learn the diverse skills needed to succeed in this ever changing industry including design, programming, creating algorithms and AI. Learn to create game art and gaming experiences and problem solve through gamification. This job field is in demand and this specialized training will prepare you for a variety of gaming-related career options.

Your Future Career

  • Computer game developer
  • Interactive media designer
  • Video game designer
  • New technology producer

What You Learn

  • Game design
  • Programming
  • Design and web development
  • Statistics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence
  • Networking
  • Software security

Developing games is a complex process which demands that each discipline work closely together. Canadore has tailored a program which reflects these real-world demands, and gives students an in-depth understanding of how art, design and technology come together to deliver interactive experiences. By graduating from Canadore's Game Design and Development Program, students can be confident they will develop the necessary skills to be successful in the Video Game Industry.

 Matthew Huard, Principal Engineer

19 years or older, or OSSD or equivalent, or GED

If English is not your first language you must provide proof of English competency.

View current English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Academic Upgrading

Semester 1

GDD 100 Ludology
GDD 101 Art Theory
GDD 102 Game Design I
GDD 103 Computer Mathematics I
GDD 104 Introduction to Programming
GDD 105 Project Structure
GENED General Education Elective - Online (GDD Sem 1)

Semester 2

GDD 200 Game Sprites
GDD 201 3D Modeling I
GDD 202 World Building
GDD 203 Computer Mathematics II
GDD 204 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
GDD 205 Game Projects II
GENED General Education Elective - Online (GDD Sem 2)

Semester 3

GDD 300 Game Design II
GDD 301 3D Modeling II
GDD 302 Discrete Mathematics
GDD 303 Lighting and rendering
GDD 304 Object Oriented Theory and Programming
GDD 305 Game Prototype II
GENED General Education Elective - Online (GDD Sem 3)

Semester 4

GDD 400 Game Optimization
GDD 401 Development for Scalability
GDD 402 Game Audio
GDD 403 Problem Solving with Data Structure and Algorithms
GDD 404 Online Games Architecture
GDD 405 Game Prototype III

Semester 5

GDD 500 User Interface Desgin
GDD 501 Character Creation
GDD 502 Artificial Intelligence
GDD 503 Advanced Networking
GDD 504 Project and Group Dynamics
GDD 505 Game Development Projects - Group

Semester 6

GDD 600 Special Effets
GDD 601 Game Database
GDD 602 Portfolio Creation
GDD 603 Business Management
GDD 604 Workplace Skills
GDD 605 Game Development Projects - Solo

Ancillary fees have been reviewed as a result of COVID-19 and alternative service and program delivery plans. For current ancillary fees details please see

2021-2022 3 years Ontario College Advanced Diploma

College Drive Campus – Domestic
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $2720.24 $908 $1200 - $4828.24
2 $2720.24 $758 - - $3478.24

2021-2022 3 years Ontario College Advanced Diploma

College Drive Campus – International
Year Tuition Ancillary Fees Material Fee Trip Fee Total
1 $13179.52 $1488 $1200 - $15867.52
2 $13179.52 $1338 - - $14517.52

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Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

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