General Education

What policies relate to General Education requirements?

Canadore’s policy provides guidance to ensure that the College’s General Education courses are consistent with the Ministry’s stated purpose. Please see the General Education policy and procedure on the Policies and Procedures website.

Faculty Can Request a New General Education Course

Why offer new or different General Education courses?

From time-to-time, faculty or college community members may want to propose a new General Education course. They may propose a new General Education course to enhance the breadth and depth of student learning, address emerging societal and academic needs, and foster interdisciplinary connections. Such courses can invigorate the curriculum, by reflecting contemporary issues and diverse perspectives. General Education courses can better prepare students for a rapidly changing world, ensuring a well-rounded, adaptable education that aligns with the Canadore College Strategic Plan – The Path to Canadore 2026, Academic Strategy 2026 and student interests.

How do I request a new General Education course?

To request a new general education course: